Mark E. Bobo, MBA


"Fostering Impactful Leadership For Real Change"

Mark Bobo, Founder and Principal of D.R.E.A.M.M. Consulting LLC, is an educator, motivational speaker, and organizational strategist whose focus is on helping school staff improve their instructional abilities and demonstrating how administrators can lead staff in a positive and constructive manner.

He shares strategies for making the working environment a space where all human capital is optimized. Mark’s intention is to create a culture where all maintain mutual respect, regardless of personal differences, resulting in more efficient and fulfilled contributors. Mark leads personal development around policies that promote a healthy, respectful working relationship even when opinions differ, and hear how to maximize opportunities to foster camaraderie and a growth mindset..

Cultural Leadership:

Despite the dizzying number of leadership books out there, sometimes leaders need more support and coaching than a manual can provide. In part that’s because some organizations are just more prone to challenging behaviors, and tougher to manage, than others. Mark provides tools, strategies and supports to parents to assist in maximizing human capital in the 21st century.

*Drive transformational change
*Culture dynamics and strategic planning
*Expanding capacity of leaders to matriculate the 21st century landscape

Organizational Leadership:

Companies spend heavily on executive education but often get a meager return on their investment. That’s because business schools and other traditional educators aren’t adept at teaching the soft skills vital for success today. Mark’s focus on leadership development provides one with the capacity to lead today, and the coming future.

*Strengths identifier
*Core Leadership Practices Leadership Styles, The Art of Delegation, micromanaging vs. micro developing, conflict resolution
*Performance Management

Educational Staff Leadership:

Despite your drive to make a difference and grow within leadership paradigm, Mark’s devotion to the power of education has led him to provide tools and strategies to assist leaders in today’s landscape.

*Classroom Culture
*Trauma Informed Education
*IAED (inclusion, access, equity, diversity)
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